I have had the privilege to travel the world and meet so many different people, each with their own unique stories and beautiful struggles.

The stories that have had the most impact on my life are those that come from underprivileged individuals and communities. There is somehow beauty that often comes with the struggle.

These communities are set in very harsh environments yet its people still keep going to find their own happiness. This leads me to the conclusion that everyone has its own unique struggles, but all have one thing in common: to dream. It is from these stories and dreams Parc des Rêves has come about.

Parc des Rêves lets individuals dream big and provides tools to realize them. This is so much more than a playground. It is a new-age parc located in the heart of a vibrant under-privileged neighborhood designed by Ludwig Landvreugd and yours truly.


Our mission

We are on a quest to have a Parc des Rêves on every continent. It is with great honor we present Parc des Rêves to you. We would embrace your partnership with the Parc des Rêves movement. It would be our “dream” to realize this ambitious goal and extraordinary vision where together we can materialize dreams and inspire for social change through sports and culture.

Edgar S. Davids