The courts are a multi-functional venue, which bring sports, education arts, culture & communities together. Our objective is to stimulate education through sports, arts, and culture.



The sporting amenities are tailor-made for each country and may vary from basketball, football, baseball to track & field.


Arts & Culture

It is also important for each parc to have facilities that help foster artistic expressions, whether through street art, music, and/or spoken words. Cultural performances will enhance and stimulate more forms of expression and will set a colorful and vibrant scene at the parc.



Education is at the epicenter of Parc des Rêves. Educational programs will be designed and implemented, which will relate back to sports, arts & culture, and everyday life lessons. These connect sports, arts & culture to each other and empower the community for development and growth.


Parc des Rêves is built to inspire the community to come together in harmony with simultaneously promoting sports, education, arts & culture. It becomes a self-organizing ecosystem for community synergy.


All Parc des Rêves locations are built from sustainable, sturdy materials and are very low in maintenance.

The parcs will function as a place where young (and old) come together and express, develop and showcase their talents in sports and the arts. It is built in such a way that you also can individually train to further develop your skills on your own or in a team. It is therefore important that each of the parcs and what it has to offer are adapted to the needs expressed by the community. We therefore recommend involving the community at the very start of the project.

All locations will be provided with sufficient lighting in order for it to be a safe location during the days but also in the evenings.